Behind Disana.pianta there is a creature named Giulia.
Class 1991, dreamer since she was a child, Giulia immediately understood that creativity was something essential for her, like air.
She attended the Primo Artistic High School of Turin. Then she enrolled at the University of Turin, graduating in educational sciences and taking a diploma in Relational Psychomotory. But she felt that she was missing something to fully express herself.
Giulia never liked being one thing only, fortunately we are plastic and multiform creatures.
She likes colors, photography, children, yoga, walking in nature.
In her inner world there is everything, she needed a space for ideas that she invented by herself.
Di sana pianta is an italian way of saying that it is used to indicate a new beginning, to create something from scratch.



Thanks for watching my portfolio!
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(+39) 3463204739

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